We are in the news

Its very humbling to find yourself in the media and to think that others might be interested in your story.

Back in Jan 2017 Richard Bowser, editor of the Property Investor News, asked if he might write an article about our success and also do a video interview, sharing a specific property deal with numbers etc. Wow – that’s a magazine I look at regularly and I was taken aback to be asked to be featured. So here we are in the April edition and the video is to be launched online this month……. remarkable.

Now I’m getting more connections through this article and appear to be inspiring others to take action. I recently launched my Property Investing Foundation programme of learning – its been a great help to have something valuable to offer others – and people seem to love my style of webinar learning.

I’ve connected with the property experts I look up to and learn from. Asking them to give me a review on my Facebook Property Investing Foundation page, I have also been amazed at the feedback and support. Simon Zutshi did a video for me too! This has given me such confidence to keep going and to help others, realising that I have a huge amount to offer.

So take the opportunities to feature in the news – don’t be the shy British person who doesn’t want to share – it can lead you to greater things and to new doors opening.

If you’d like to learn more about where to start in becoming financially free through property, or just want to learn the basics to supplement your pension in the future, watch my free webinar here

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