The Forgotten Assets – Pensions

No matter how successful you are in property, you will always run out of money. But I’ve learnt that you can connect with money you have in YOUR pension and with money in OTHER people’s pensions.

In the ‘olden days’ the government used to allow certain pensions to invest in residential property. This was then rescinded and is not available to the masses now. So if you have a good property education you know that returns can be much higher than the average ‘stock market’ invested pension c 6% p.a.

In a video webinar I talk to Kevin Whelan, founder of Wealth Builders, all about why pensions can work in your favour. He has helped me borrow funds from other people’s pensions giving them a great return and in turn help support my property investments. Equally I provide examples of how I have used my own pension to invest too. This forms a bonus edition for my property education programme.

There are three types of pensions: Big personal pensions; Corporate pensions and Entrepreneurs & Business owner’s pensions.

It is the latter that can give you the freedom to invest, lend and borrow as the trustee of your own ‘small self-administered scheme or SSAS’.

There are many rules but through working with experts you can learn and avoid the fear and ignorance of your existing scheme/s.

If you’d like to learn more and get a copy of this informative video webinar, please contact me.

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