The COMMUTE to London………

Memories of the Rat Race

When I travel up to London and specifically The City, where I spent many years in my banking career, I remember the thoughts going through my head.

Will I be doing this until I retire?

How can I retire early like my dad did at 55yrs?

Is it possible to get a better work life balance?

Looking around the train carriage at people either reading the paper, or their phones, staring into their lap tops, tapping away and effectively extending their working day.  

That was me too – depending on whether I even got a seat on the packed train!

I thought how sad that no one is talking to each other either.  Faces became familiar to me on my regular train and an occasional smile acknowledging me was an unusual positive. It’s amazing how we all became like lemmings to get through the monotony. 

Arriving home after a full working day, I’d eat sleep and repeat.  As a mother of two I always felt guilty that I wasn’t around when they came home or that if needed I was two hours away.

Luckily I was able to beat my dad and escape well before 50 – and although there is still work to do – it can be done when I want, where I want or delegated.  Before Christmas I spent 6 weeks working out of Cape Town.  Same work – just a different location.  Amazing.  I still can’t quite believe it myself.

Property investing can really be pretty passive if you plan that from the start and learn from someone who is doing it and is experienced.  

If you’d like to learn more have a look here and book a call on the ‘speak to Bronwen’ button that links to my diary

Enjoy your commuting and let me know how you manage the monotony!

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