Running My Business whilst Travelling the World

Well what started as a dream and a bucket list 4 years ago is now coming to reality and I’m travelling the world! WOW.

It was my husband John’s dream to sail around the world – and with the round the world Clipper Race, this has been possible. The only circumnavigation with amateurs, allowing basic training  alongside a professional skipper, 12 identical boats race across 8 legs around the world. It’s not my cup of tea at all – I’m more of a fair weather, G&T type of sailor – but hey I could meet him in the ports I thought…

Then it dawned on both of us – if we get the right support, delegate as much as possible and rent our house out, why couldn’t I have my own adventure by flying around the world? I could still run the business via the internet, I could coach via Skype and sell my webinars, I didn’t need to be in the UK!

Only 4 years ago, my husband John and I embarked on a programme of learning about property investing. Both commuting to work and usually long hours too, we hoped that we might be able to create some income to give us choices in our lives and time with our family.

After 11 months we replaced John’s income, and mine the following year. We’ve been 18months working solely in our own property business and helping others learn from us too. The true ‘passive’ income has been possible and we can now start to follow our dreams and enjoy the freedom.

I hope to inspire others to take the opportunity, to explore how anyone can create the freedom to live their lives to the full. I’m writing and blogging to turn my experience into a helpful guide for others – if I can do it, anyone can.

What would you do with this kind of freedom? What’s on your Dream Board?   I can help with learning about property investing, but the dream is your responsibility!

Not only is John racing 40,000 miles over 11 months, he is also raising money for a charity close to our hearts too –helping the street children in Sierra Leone. You can support him by clicking here.

Here are some excerpts from my blog over the last few weeks:

Day 1 – Sun 20th August 2017 – LIVERPOOL

John left on his Clipper adventure and was glad to have started the race at last.

I was feeling very excited for him but a bit nervous too as it’s such a long leg 6700 miles to Uruguay and a long way from land! It’s going to test him being in a small space with 24 people!

I’m so proud and happy for him.

Day 2: Leaving to go home today and its starting to dawn on me that the Clipper race has started and what we’ve been working towards for over a year is now happening! Scary and emotional.

Task lists kick in and a busy rest of week planned. I’m moving boxes in our container storage – frequently thinking oh I must ask John about that…..oops no I can’t ! It’s strange that my husband, friend, business partner etc won’t be there to talk to.

Day 7

So a week on since John’s race start and I’ve followed progress every couple of days – Facebook is very handy as others seem to be following hourly!

I’m not at all worried as I know he’s going to be enjoying it. It will get harder as they get into more difficult conditions over the coming weeks though. 

I’ve got a lot of work to do – getting ready to leave myself in 3 weeks is daunting enough, but our property business also needs to continue. Renting our house out, sorting the cars out, selling one of our rental houses, awaiting planning permission on two others, doing three more webinars for my property education business, organising our administrative support ready for me leaving, visa for Namibia, flights, boosters and travel insurance etc.

Day 14

Well it is truly countdown time now we’re into September. I know John’s heading for the Equator and such heat – which he usually likes. They are doing so well – 3rd-4th-5th places out of the 12 – amazing – he’ll be pleased as secretly he’d quite like to win!

Its exactly 2 weeks to my flight out to Uruguay and I seem to alternate between missing John hugely; elation that he’s out there doing his adventure; panic that I’ve a ‘to do’ list to get through; and excitement at my own adventure looming.   

We’ve raised over £1000 now for his charity The St. George Foundation – helping children in Sierra Leone. That’s quite a milestone in just a few weeks.

So Uruguay here I come….. then I’ll be off to four other continents – Africa (Cape Town), Australia (Perth, Sydney, Hobart, Whitsunday Isles), China (Sanya, Qingdao), and America (Seattle, New York) before heading back to the UK in July 2018.   I’m thrilled that our two children Robert, 23 and Laura, 20 will be joining us at Christmas and New Year in Australia and also having their own adventures – this trip is starting to rub off on them too! Freedom is becoming a reality!

Let me ask you again: What would you do with this kind of freedom? What’s on your Dream Board?   I can help with learning about property investing, but the dream is your responsibility!

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