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Complete Property Investing Foundation Course

This is our complete 10 module course designed to guide you through all aspects of property investing.

If you are new to property investing and want to avoid making the usual rookie mistakes, this is the course for you. In addition to 10 very detailed modules you have 1:1 access to Bronwen and free passes to the Property Investor Network group meetings.

Our Foundation Course - In Two Bundles

You may already have a grasp on property investing basics or you may want to split your purchase into two parts. Either way, we have split our foundation programme into two packages - Basic and Intermediate - so you can enrol on the courses you need right now.

Property Investing Foundation Basics Course

If you’re not quite ready to take the full course and perhaps want to learn more to decide if property could be right for you, our Basics course is for you.

We cover the first 4 modules of our foundation programme to give you the best grounding you need to move forward.

Property Investing Foundation Intermediate Course

We do recommend all our delegates take the full course as the Basics lays the foundations for a great property business.

If you have some experience in property and just want to focus on more advanced topics to grow your portfolio or make it work harder, this course is for you.

Property Investing Foundation - Individual Modules

If you are interested in a particular topic, our modules are available to purchase individually

The Right Strategy

We begin with where to invest, and with choosing a strategy that suits your interests and requirements. Defining your key area and strategy are keys to how you’ll proceed

Estate Agents

Once you’ve chosen your area, getting to know the experts in the field is a must. We learn to understand what makes Estate Agents ‘tick’ and how to work with them in a win-win relationship. Doughnuts may be involved.


There’s more than one way to fund a property. We examine mortgages, deposits, investor funds, bridging loans – including the benefits and relative costs of each strategy.

Business Structure

We look at business structure, the role of networking, marketing resources you’ll need, and the kind of systems that will help your business flow well.


Getting a great return on investment (ROI) from property investing comes from adding value wherever possible. Refurbishing tired, old, damaged, or even ‘smelly’ properties boosts future profits.

Finding Investors

We’ll explore the best places and procedures to find (and keep) investors. With interest on money in the bank being so low, armchair property investing offers a much better option to those with poor-performing funds.

Multi Let Strategy

Once you’ve decided on the kind of tenant you want (e.g. young professionals, nurses, LHA) you can see a greater rental ROI by using an HMO strategy. An HMO is a house in multiple occupation.

Joint Venturing

If your ambitions are big enough, you’ll run out of funds at some time along your property journey. Entering into joint ventures with others allows you to share the joys, the risks, the roles, and the ROI.

Holiday Lets

Holiday Letting has been the mainstay for many property investors. Now with sites like AirBnB, letting has never been easier. Outsource the management, and you’ll have an asset-income stream in no time.

Assessing the Deal

The Bottom Line is the bottom line. Learn the essential skill of assessing how well each deal stacks up so that you can make informed investing decisions, and negotiate better deals.

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