Interesting Times Ahead for Buy to Let

I’ve just read an interesting article released today by Shawbrooks Bank about how the market has changed – let me quote…..

“…….A new report from Shawbrook Bank indicates that the buy-to-let market will cool somewhat from its heyday, its “hot” growth phase over the last few years, but it is likely to be the more experienced or serious landlords who stick it out and make money. ”

The report, undertaken for Shawbrook by the Centre for Economics and Business Research, sees the buy-to-let market continuing to provide good investment opportunities for a more professional landlord investor community despite the recent tax changes. Hurrah – this answers regular questions I get asked.

In other words, with a tougher regulatory regime and fewer tax concessions, it is likely that the casual or “accidental” landlords will be fewer, whereas the professional and serious investor landlords who intend to build investment portfolios for the long-term could prosper.

The report – ‘The UK Buy-to-Let Market’ – is the first analysis of the Buy to Let sector since the new affordability rules and changing tax-regime. While it indicates that those tax changes have had some effect on investor behaviour, the market remains a viable one for lenders and investors. Particularly in areas of high demand and as long as you understand the risks and have a great education from others who are successful themselves and are investing themselves too.

Often I come across amateurs or accidental landlords who think its easy to learn from free courses or just networking events. Which is why I decided to make it even easier to learn the very basics and in the comfort of your own home too.

Here’s the article – have a read and then decide who are you going to learn from and invest in your education! It’ll be worth the investment!


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