How You Can Create a Passive Income in 12 Months

It’s interesting to us, having changed our lives, through the education we’ve invested in, to achieve a passive income and give up our daily grind jobs, that when we tell people our story they are amazed and think they can’t take the steps themselves.

They seem to think we’re something special with powers they don’t have. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m excited to share and help others, and am always humbled when people say I inspire them to take action. It’s not always about the big numbers; for some a life change could be just one property to boost their pension, or a couple of houses of multiple occupation to enable them to have choices in their lives.

I love spending more time with my loved ones and being able to take my daughter out on her actual birthday (as I did only last week!).

What would you enjoy doing more of if you had additional income coming in?

More time on the golf course; taking up a new hobby; spending quality time with your elderly parents; picking up the kids from school…….?

I have decided to run a one-off webinar to see what interest there is in our story to inspire others.

If you think you might like to know a bit more, or you’d like to hear some top tips from someone who has a level of expertise, I invite you to listen in today.

In this 60 min Webinar you’ll hear how John and I created a passive income of £5000 per month in just 12 months and how you can too.

You’ll discover:

– where to start

– what fits you and your goals

– how to find and fund purchases

– and much much more……………

Enter your details now to register to watch this webinar. The live event has passed, but you can see a recording.

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