I only really want one rental property, is it really worth doing a course?

Renting a property is so different to buying one to live in. You need to do your research and find out the right location, the right type of strategy that works for your area. The basics are important to reduce the risks and be confident. After all it’s a big decision and a big investment.

Don’t you need to have lots of money to invest in property?

Not really – you can work with other people who have money or even remortgage to release capital – but always take financial advice first. This course introduces you to ways of working with others and sharing the profits – now that’s clever.

Are you a property investment club?

No, this is purely learning to invest directly in your own properties. There are other crowd funding type of platforms that exist but do your due diligence and take advice first.

Is property really a safe place to invest?

Property is proven to be a great place to invest in the UK – but only if you have a basic education and don’t have to sell urgently as the market prices can vary dramatically at times of recession as we know well. My experience is to buy and hold property to benefit from the rental demand, rather than buying to then sell for profit.

What is your ‘power team’? Can I benefit from the professional you use – like accountants, solicitors, insurance, mortgage advisors etc.?

I always propose using experts, but you need to know who to trust. I’ve worked with a number of different people and have a strong team that I continue to use. I provide a list of these and their contact details for you to use as part of Complete Property Investing Foundation Course – that’ll save you heaps of time and give you confidence too!

My financial advisor said investing in property is risky

Sometimes regulated advisors only know what they are trained to know and don’t have the knowledge or experience of doing property themselves. So they look at it differently. Learning the basics with an experienced investor has to be the right way to test out whether you’re happy with the risks and prepared to make a choice for yourself.

I don’t think I could afford to buy a rental property in my area, is it still worth me doing?

You can research the areas where the properties might be more affordable and where rental demand is still high. It varies dramatically across the country and even in one city. That’s the fun of learning how to do this research.

How are you linked to Simon Zutshi?

Simon Zutshi taught me through his property investors Mastermind programme and I refer to many of his lessons and chapters of his book – which he is happy for me to do. I still support people into his training programmes if you want to commit and invest in that afterwards. My programme is easy to watch, coves the basics principles I learnt, all whilst not breaking the bank.

Why would I choose your course over Simon Zutshi’s courses?

It’s the first taster steps to see if it is something you want to do, to become more confident and aware so you can then make choices of spending more on a more advanced education. I make it fun, include lots of real examples and some homework to do too! Many delegates have gone on to learn with Simon after starting my programme and have an advantage of understanding the language.

What do you do now?

I am reaping the rewards of the freedom property rental income has given me and travelling the world – whilst still coaching and supporting my delegates too of course!

How do I access the webinars?

Once you have joined the programme you will be given access to the links and passwords so you can watch and follow each module at your own pace. Each is around an hour long so I recommend getting a drink and having a pen and notepad to hand too.

How do I book my 1-2-1 coaching session

These can be booked through a diary link I share once you have enrolled on a course and I usually do these via a Skype phone call.

Can I watch the webinars more than once?

Yes they are for you to watch as often as you like and pause it whilst doing the homework! I provide top tip sheets and some notes to accompany some of the modules too.

I have a question; how can I ask it?

You can email me direct on bronwen@propertyinvestingfoundation.com or send me a message via the Facebook page. You could write it down on the coaching sheet and I can pick it up at the 1:1 – but it depends how urgent the question is. I have a lot of useful material on the Facebook page – so have a look as often the questions being asked are answered there too.

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