Book recommendations ………

When I started out in property learning I was given so many recommendations for books.  Its hard to see through the volume and of course everyone likes different styles and have different needs. I would like to share with you some non-property books, which have been very helpful in my […]

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Holiday Letting – a tax efficient strategy

Holiday letting – comes under the “ serviced accommodation banner but is taxed very differently…… Did you know that it can be much more tax efficient than other strategies? Capital allowances, capital gains and gifting are treated different than standard buy to let’s.  The down side is that there is […]

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Boring but critical……..

  It’s been a busy few weeks in the UK, and hard work! “Why?” I hear you ask. “Thought property investing was a “passive” income”? Yes well the boring but critical stuff has to be done to make sure the business continues to work effectively, especially now we’re back in […]

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The Forgotten Assets – Pensions

No matter how successful you are in property, you will always run out of money. But I’ve learnt that you can connect with money you have in YOUR pension and with money in OTHER people’s pensions. In the ‘olden days’ the government used to allow certain pensions to invest in […]

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