Beware of Free Courses

When I was looking to learn about something I knew little about, I wanted to check out the various suppliers and find out which one suited me best – worried about the ‘scam’ potential too. I’m sure you’ve done this as well.

Its very tempting to go on the ‘free’ courses and chase the free education – I know many people who chase these and think they know a lot – but I want to share with you my experience and help others to get on the right path early.

When I was researching property investing, I went to several 1/2 day – 1-day free courses and was put off big time! At one I was told that I could buy a house with a credit card! Woah – hold your horses…….. as a banker that was shocking to hear. I walked out of the room at that point. At another we were given some useful information – but never material to take away, always a BIG upsell which left a sour taste in the mouth. Then it was sell sell sell on email and phone calls.

I don’t blame them – they have to make their money somehow – and of course hiring a room, offering tea/coffee isn’t cheap. But my message is this – you get what you pay for. Value your education, if you have to pay towards it then there must be some value add to you. Check the company out on social media and get referrals from others who might recommend courses they’ve enjoyed.

Money Back Guarantees – if an organisation is prepared to offer a money back guarantee then I’d listen up. They might be offering to give you your money back if after half way through it isn’t what you expected or you feel it’s not for you. That to me is fair. It’s worth trying them out – once you’ve checked and spoken to others who might know them.

Recently I saw an advert on Facebook for a property investing course – it had a snazzy video of two British athletes from the 1980’s – recommending the course. Not sure what the link to property was – but they were household names people would recognise. Hmmm now – because they were “coming to your area soon” and “click here to get your free ticket” – it could be of interest. Nowhere could I see what the organisation behind this advert was until searching for 10mins. Then I realised and had experience of feedback from them and just thought – yes- they upsell people to really expensive courses offering no support afterwards. But it prompted me to write this article and to prepare people for the upsell.

No matter what – it’s easy to get “SOLD” to – the psychological methods are proven, and before you know it you’ve run to the back of the room to get that discounted course – only on offer today in the room! So be prepared, think carefully. If it’s an offer today then it surely will be an offer a few days later – so always take time to think things through first. Don’t follow the crowd.

Everyone is different and we learn in different ways. Face to face courses suit some, reading and self study others. Consider which learning style suits you best and what suits the topic of learning. But most of all VALUE the education so much that you are prepared to pay something for it!

I’ve been teaching basic property investing learning with webinars – recorded and able to be watched in the comfort of your own home – but backed up with 1:1s with me personally and supported by access to my ‘power team’ of contacts and suppliers. Its a less expensive way of starting out and getting the basic foundation to success.

If you’d like to check with me who I recommend for a property course, or pros and cons of the various companies I’ve experience of, then just contact me.

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