Afraid of the Numbers?

My final webinar in my ten series of basic investing learning was all about the numbers.

Now this is quite scary for many people – more than I thought. Why is this?

Well you could blame the schools for putting children off maths!! Or you could blame society that makes investing numbers pretty complicated in our current world.

So how to get around the FEAR….

FEAR is just False Expectation Appearing Real – it takes a simple approach building confidence as you go along and perhaps preparing examples too. Then its about having a go and with a bit of coaching and support, the fear resides.

With property investing, I make it really easy – 4 simple steps

1. Does the deal fit your strategy?

2. Research – find out the key numbers

3. DO THE SUMS – does it stack up

4. Is it a good investment? – if all 4 look good – DO THE DEAL

The sums are the stumbling block for some – but my webinar explains very easily how to assess rent and expenses using simple rules of thumb.

Feedback from one delegate: 

Thank you for last night’s webinar – numbers are a big block for me, however your presentation & support materials & tips will enable me to practise, be less fearful & gain confidence”

If you’ve got a block on numbers and want to know more – I’d be happy to share.

This course suited my learning style & it was serious fun, wrapped up in a great professional programme of learning.

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