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Not long ago in 2014, my husband John and I were in the corporate ‘rat race’ – commuting to London and the Isle of Wight respectively, rarely seeing each other Mon-Fri and recovering at weekends.

It was a life that we assumed was going to continue until retirement in our late 60s. After all that’s what everyone does isn’t it?

I had an ambition to retire early as my father had done at the age of 55. He was made redundant from a very senior job and he lived his dream of returning home to north Wales, working voluntarily for the Prince’s Trust and enjoying his garden. As a result he was there for me, his grandchildren and of course my mother too.

Having worked in banking for 21 years, I found I had accumulated a large number of shares. Whilst they were pretty low in value, they added up to just enough for a deposit on a flat.

Our Property Journey Began

I’d heard and read about property as being a good asset for money, and with interest rates so low, we thought we might give it a go.

Then we both thought we should educate ourselves a bit to make sure we knew what we were doing as there must be responsibilities we ought to be aware of.

That’s when I searched on Amazon and bought two best sellers including the book Property Magic by Simon Zutshi.

The book seemed too good to be true, but it did make a huge amount of sense.

Here’s Simon

John and I thought that it was probably hard to follow the process of buying and renting ‘below market value’ in the South of England, but we thought we’d follow up and go along to one of Simon’s regional monthly meetings.

We then got a follow up call from the hosts of the meeting and talked through what our goals and dreams were and we hesitated on which course to follow.

What amazed us was that a few days later Simon Zutshi himself phoned us up to talk these through with us!

That surprised us and we thought that he sounded and appeared very ethical and caring about our needs, so we booked to do the 3-day Mastermind Accelerator course.

After re-mortgaging our home to release equity, we invested in Simon’s flagship 12-month Mastermind course and were chosen by him to receive a top award at the end of this period for the success we achieved.

We’d built a portfolio worth £2.5m in 11 months and created an income of £60,000pa from the rental profit.

Stunning to look back on.

Watch Our Video on Award Day:

Continuing to Grow and Thrive

After this first year we carried on learning on a graduate programme and doubled our portfolio the next year with bigger deals.

By this stage we’d generated a lot of investment from other people and were able to share profits and give good returns to others as well – a real win-win.

We had both left our corporate jobs by the end of 2015 and we became fully immersed in our new business and planning our dream adventures.

Why We Now Teach

I have a passion for learning and I want to be able to inspire others, share the knowledge that has changed our lives and to enable others to do the same. Knowledge creeps up over time and it’s easy to forget how much value we’ve gained from creating our portfolio – the highs and lows of this work brings great lessons.

Property Investing really isn’t rocket science. It requires a good education to understand the risks and perils that abound, and to be able to take steps forward with confidence and support.

That’s why I decided to launch the Property Investing Foundation.

Not everyone has the size of goals we wanted. For some just one or two properties are enough to fulfil their goals.

Be it a small income to supplement the day job, to give a good return on savings or to provide a pension for the future, property is a great asset!

I can help you start your property investing journey and I invite you to get started now to learn how you can secure your future.

Alison Hughes

I saw Bronwen speak at a Women in Business event and immediately warmed to her personality.  It just so happened that my husband and I were looking to invest some money in property having had a successful single let for a number of years.

Bronwen’s course is really accessible and easy to understand.  She gives you just enough technical expertise that you know what you’re doing as well as connecting you with others that can support your property investment journey.  My husband and I enjoyed watching the webinars.  They were actually quite fun!  They are broken down into sections as well which makes it easy to tailor what you need for your own areas of interest.

Bronwen’s coaching and advice throughout the course is also invaluable.  She is friendly and direct and gives you just exactly the information that you need.  This way of learning was good for us as you can do it at your own pace and don’t feel the pressure of being in a classroom environment or having to complete “homework” by a certain date.  The flexibility is really key.

So we have just completed on a cottage in West Sussex which we are doing up to be a holiday let.  We’re very pleased and excited to be doing this and Bronwen’s course gave us the confidence to follow this process through.

Alison Hughes

Hughes-Lewis Consulting

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