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Hi, I'm Bronwen Vearncombe., and I'd like to thank you for visiting the Property Investing Foundation. 

Not long ago in 2014, my husband John and I were in the corporate ‘rat race’ – commuting to London and the Isle of Wight respectively, rarely seeing each other Mon-Fri and recovering at weekends.

It was a life that we assumed was going to continue until retirement in our late 60s. After all that’s what everyone does isn’t it? Read More....

Our Property Training Courses

Choose the level of training and support that you need right now. 

All courses now include direct 1-2-1 support from Bronwen Vearncombe

Basics Course

Are you brand new to the world of property investing? Our Basics Course is perfect if you're just getting started and would like an introduction to help you decide if this is the right asset class to help you move forward.

Intermediate Course

If you already have some experience in property and now feel ready to focus on some specific, more advanced topics to grow your portfolio or make it work harder, this course is tailored especially for you.

Complete Course

Our complete 10 module course designed to guide you through all aspects of property investing.
If you're serious about becoming successful in property within the next 12 months, this is the course for you.

Bronwen has been extremely supportive and inspirational.
While remaining extremely professional in her own work she always has time to provide help and support on the community forum using her knowledge gained from her own investments!
Bronwen energetically hosts the PIN network meeting which brings together a variety of property investors, businesses and services from all across the South Coast.

Mike Seldon

Mike Seldon

Property Investort, Hampshire

Bronwen led the Mastermind Local last year, and it was clear to see the results of the members. 

She can show you the way of Financial independence. 

She herself was in the Top five of the PIN Mastermind - so she definitely knows what she is teaching. 

I am on the Mastermind myself this year, and she is definitely one of my top mentors. 

ivan Ivanov

Ivan Ivanov

Property Specialist, Southampton

How Can The Property Investing Foundation Help You?

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I had an ambition to retire early as my father had done at the age of 55. We discovered that there is a way to create a ‘passive’ income and to escape that rat race - by investing in property. As a result, I've just spent 12 months following my husband John as he competitively sailed around the world!

Around The World Yacht Race



You can work with other people who have money or even remortgage to release capital – but always take financial advice first. Our courses introduce you to new ways of working with others and sharing the profits. Now that’s clever.

Access To Funding



I always propose using experts, but you need to know who to trust. I’ve worked with a number of different people and have a strong team that I continue to use. I provide a list of these and their contact details for you to use as part of Complete Property Investing Foundation Course – that’ll save you heaps of time and give you confidence too.

Trusted Power Team

You Can Create a Passive Income Within 12 Months. We Did.

Bronwen and John Vearncombe

Bronwen & John Vearncombe

What would you enjoy doing more of if you had additional income coming in?

Having changed our lives through the education we’ve invested in - achieving a passive income and being able to give up our daily grind jobs, I still find it surprising that when we tell people our story they are amazed and think they can’t take the steps themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m excited to share and help others, and am always humbled when people say I inspire them to take action. And it’s not always about the big numbers.

For you, a life change could be just one property to boost your pension, or a couple of houses of multiple occupation to enable you to have more choice in your life.

If you think you might like to know a bit more, or you’d like to hear some top tips from someone who has a level of expertise, I invite you to get in touch today .

Ready to Get Started?

Join Bronwen on this recorded webinar where she talks you through the process of how to create your first £5000/month through property, within your first 12 months.

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